KSUFR vs. Salina Crusaders


Played on September 5, 2008 at Kansas State University



Score: 45-0 KSUFR

Summary: The KSUFR Rugby club was able to keep Salina scoreless during this Friday-night game at Memorial Stadium. Joe D'Agistino was able to earn the first try, followed shortly by Shea Hamid. By the end of the first half, KSUFR led 14-0, with both conversions earned by Dan Knapp. During the second half, fresh players filled nearly every position for KSUFR, and the lead was expanded with one more try from Shea Hamid, two more tries from Joe D'Agistino, and one try each from rookies Darryl Bell and Garrett Stryker. Three additional conversions were earned by Eric "The Boot" making the final score 45-0.