KSUFR vs. Pittsburg State Gorillas


Played on November 1, 2008 at Kansas State University



Score: 56-0 KSUFR

Summary: The KSUFR Rugby club was able to keep Pitt State scoreless during this Saturday game in Kansas City. We had some younger players join us for the game, and they made some significant plays for the team. Travis Gratton earned the first try for K-State in the first half, followed by two tries by Jared Dull, one try by Cameron Frigan, and one conversion made by Jesse Dull. By the end of the first half, KSUFR led 22-0. During the second half, KSUFR expanded their lead with another try by Cameron Frigan, two tries by Jake Dull, one try by Byron Sparkes, one try by Lance Staggenborg, one try by Hale Sloan, and two more conversions by Jesse Dull. At the end of this fun game, KSUFR led 56-0.