KSUFR vs. University of Kansas Jayhawks


Played on September 13, 2008 at Kansas State University



Score: 24-17 KSUFR

Summary: The KSUFR Rugby club was able to squeak by during overtime of this close game. KU drew first blood when they kicked for points in the first half, making the score 0-3. However, KSUFR was able to take the lead when Hale Sloan scored a try shortly after. During the rest of the half, Joe D'Agistino added to KSUFR's score with two more tries, while Dan Knapp was able to kick in one conversion. By halftime, KU had also scored two tries, making the score 17-10. The second half started with a scare to the KSUFR team, with Patrick Houlehan taking a serious head injury in a ruck. After this, the game was more slow-paced, with neither team scoring for most of the half. During the last few minutes, however, KU was able to earn some points with a try and a conversion, tying the game at 17-17. In overtime, KSUFR managed to keep KU scoreless, while Dan Knapp earned seven points with a try and conversion, ending the game 24-17 KSUFR.