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Add or Change a Degree Name

1) Log into KSIS.

2) Under KSIS Links, click Student Center

    Picture of the student Center in the KSIS links area

3) Scroll to the bottom of the Student Center to the Personal Information area.

4) Click Names

    Click Names

5) Click Click Add a New Name to create a new Names entry or click Click Edit to change an existing Degree name.

6) In Name Type, select Degree

    Select Degree

7) Enter the appropriate name information.  This is the name that will appear on your diploma.

    Enter Name Data

8) Enter the date the new name will go into effect.  Note: This must be the current date or later. 

    Enter Effective Date

9) Click Click Save.

10) Click Click Save.

11) Verify that new name is listed in the Names area.