Undergraduate Summer Research Experiences NASA Space Grant (NASA in Kansas)

Carol Shanklin, Interim Dean

Graduate School

In an effort to encourage research among the country's brightest undergraduate students, Kansas State University hosts various programs that offer summer research experiences. These programs provide an opportunity for undergraduates from diverse disciplines to work with a mentor on a research project or to join an existing research team. Besides being an opportunity to work with multi-cultural and minority students from different colleges and universities, participants learn about the Graduate School experience. Most of the programs include seminars and activites that provide students with professional development opportunities beyond their research experience.

KSG funding was used to support a trip to the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center located in Hutchinson, Kansas, by students involved in research experiences for undergraduates. Because the majority of students hosted were involved in the biomedical, engineering, and physical sciences, it was believed that this trip enriched their learning experience and inspired them to explore research sponsored by NASA. Jeff Ollenburger from the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center was the point of contact in organizing, scheduling, and coordinating this project. The activity was open to all undergraduate students participating in research experiences during Summer 2005. A total of 34 students from the following programs participated: Konza Prairie--Biology REU, Brainstorming and Barnstorming--Math REU, McNair Scholars, Summer Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (SUROP), and the Diagnostic Medicine and Pathobiology USDA Challenge Grant.

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