Service deliverables

Student and Family Engagement

  • Meet one-on-one with each senior student a minimum of one time by the end of the fall semester.*
  • Meet recursively in one-on-one meetings with a minimum of 75% of high school seniors.*
  • Meet one-on-one with 30 percent of the senior parents.
  • Meet with high school juniors one-on-one before or during late spring semester.*
  • Plan and deliver college-planning workshops, with the following as minimums:
    • College Application Week in October
    • Two FAFSA-related workshops (consider hosting a FAFSA Frenzy workshop)
    • One panel of alumni from your participating school who are now in college or have graduated from college to talk about college life, how to succeed at college, and why it is important
    • Two financial aid/literacy workshops
    • One workshop on understanding financial aid packages
    • One workshop for students intending to enroll at a community college

Note: Of the workshops, at least two should include freshmen, sophomores, and/or juniors and parents/family members, and at least one should be open to the community.

  • Plan and facilitate a minimum of five campus tours:
    • Two should include freshmen, sophomores, and/or juniors
    • Plan and facilitate methods to promote awareness and completion of the KC Scholars scholarship.**
    • Oversee the College Ambassador program.
    • Deliver and/or assist with one early college planning activity with 7th and 8th graders in the school district or feeder schools.
    • Plan and deliver a Decision Day.

Postsecondary Preparation

  • Foster a college-going culture in the high school.
  • Assist with college and career/major exploration and the college application process
  • Deliver and/or assist with delivery of ACT preparation and registration one-on-one and/or in group settings.
  • Assist with scholarship search and applications.
  • Strive for 100% of college-going seniors completing the FAFSA by the state deadline.
  • Organize college representatives’ visits to the high school or if another staff member organizes visits, work to ensure student participation.
  • Attend and interact with and be available to parents and students for college advising during summer class registration and parent-teacher conferences.
    • Produce and disseminate materials designed for and targeted to parents/family members.
    • Develop and utilize a college advising website and/or social media site (link it to appropriate school sites).

Note: On deliverables marked with an asterisk (*), College Advisers may work with their Program Director to negotiate an individualized benchmark that takes into account the size and culture of the school. Revised benchmarks must be approved by the Program Director. Deliverables marked with two asterisks (**) are specific to community, district, and grant requirements.