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Department of Kinesiology

Kinesiology Major

The Department of Kinesiology, as a part of the College of Human Ecology, offers students majoring in Kinesiology the opportunity to pursue careers in areas of exercise physiology, public health, physical activity behavior, and health fitness instruction. The degrees offered by the Department of Kinesiology are: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and Minor.

Further guidance for this major can be found here.

More information with what you can do with a degree in Kinesiology can be found here.

More Related Career Titles: Athletic trainer, Aquatics program coordinator, Biomechanics specialist, Camp director, Coach, Corporate wellness consultant, Ergonomics consultant, Exercise physiologist, Fitness instructor, Geriatric recreational activities coordinator, Health and nutrition consultant, Health club manager, Health promotions specialist, Outdoor recreation director, Personal trainer, Recreational counselor, Rehabilitation specialist, Sports counselor, Sports program supervisor, Strength and conditioning coach, Summer camp manager/administrator


An internship is an excellent opportunity to showcase your academic knowledge and practical skills in a real-world setting within the Kinesiology field. The internship should be designed to meet the needs of each student, with respect to their areas of expertise and future goals. Please schedule a time to meet with the internship coordinator at lmcdan@k-state.edu if you are interested in completing an internship. Additional information to help guide you through the internship process is located in the internship handbook (click here).