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Department of Kinesiology



PARCS Lab Staff Fall 2017
From left: Gina Besenyi, Alex Aye, Aidan Murray, Emi Hayashi, Daniel Winslow, Alex Ptacek


Wearable Technology Presentation at the American Public Health Association Conference 2017
From left: Heather Yates, Gina Besenyi, Jason Orlosky, Saket Patel


Besenyi, G.M., Denson, S., Winlow, D.R., Wilhelm Stanis, S.A., Kaczynski, A.T. (2018). Active living and chronic disease: Exploring the relationships between parks and asthma. Poster presentation at 14th Annual Active Living Research Conference, February 11 – February 14, 201, Banff, Alberta, Canada.