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Department of Kinesiology

Musch-Poole Lab: Research Initiatives - Current Projects


Sue Hageman, M.S.

Research Associate


Muscle vasomotor control – fiber types


Nitrite enhances microvascular oxygen pressure dynamics in healthy rat skeletal muscle J. Appl. Physiol. 2017 

Oxygen Transport/Heart Failure


Daniel Hirai (Ph.D., 2012; Post-doctoral Fellow)

Microvascular and interstitial PO2 in contracting muscle J. Physiol.  2017

Diaphragm Blood Flow


Josh Smith (Ph.D. 2017)

Respiratory muscle blood flow during exercise J. Appl. Physiol. 2017 Respir. Physiol. Neurobiol. 2017, 2018


Ayaka Tabuchi (B.Sc. Tokyo, JP, 2018)

Muscle damage and intracellular calcium.  Med. Sci. Sports Exerc. 2017

Cerebro/muscle vascular function


Jesse Craig (Ph.D. Candidate)

Dietary nitrate and muscle O2 delivery in heart failure FASEB J. 2017 Dynamics of brain blood flow J. Appl. Physiol. 2017


 Heart Failure


Clark Holdsworth (Ph.D. 2016)

Vascular KATP channels in heart failure Resp. Physiol. Neurobiol. 2017

Scott Ferguson (Ph.D. 2016)

Nitrate supplementation - muscle blood flow/ fiber types - health & heart failure J. Physiol. 2013; Nitric Oxide, 2014, 2015 JAPPL, 2016