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Department of Kinesiology

Department of Kinesiology
Kansas State University
Natatorium 8
920 Denison Ave.
Manhattan, KS 66506

785-532-6486 fax

Employment Opportunities


No current vacancies.


Graduates with a degree in Kinesiology have been very successful in gaining admission to health professional and graduate school or pursuing physical activity related careers after graduation. Many students choose health professional school options in physical therapy, physician assistant, excercise physiology, and public health physical activity. Some students have been admitted to medical school, dental school, and other health related careers. Students may also complete a health fitness instructor subcurriculum that prepares graduates to seek careers in corporate and community settings in fitness and wellness and in hospital settings in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

The American College of Sports Medicine has certified over 20,000 individuals world wide for physical activity careers. Go to this link for certification careers. http://www.acsm.org/get-certified

The American Kinesiology Association provides information for Kinesiology related careers and has a job listing service. http://www.americankinesiology.org/careers-in-kinesiology

For career opportunities in Public Health go to "What is Public Health". http://www.whatispublichealth.org/index.html