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Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering

Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Funds

K-State ADVANCE program awards up to $500 to a postdoctoral researcher from an eligible department from one of our five partner STEM colleges to cover expenses associated with presentation at a conference. The funds may be used for travel expenses. 

NEW Spring 2020 Materials Below!

RFP Spring 2020 (PDF)

Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Fund Application (doc)

Eligible Departments (PDF) 

Postdoctoral Travel Rubric (PDF)

Sample Application 1 (PDF)

Sample Application 2(PDF)

List of Previous Awardees  


For Awardees: 

The following two forms are to be completed and submitted electronically per the forms' instructions no later than one month after the conference occurs. 

Postdoctoral Travel Award Report Form (doc)

This report form should be completed to satisfy part of the award requirements. 

Postdoctoral Travel Award Remittance Form (doc) 

This remittance form should be completed to request conference reimbursements.


Time Frame 

Mid-January - call for applications on ADVANCE listserv 

Mid-February - application materials due per online application specifications

February/March - review of applications by KAWSE Postdoctoral Travel Fund Screening Committee

April - announcement of KAWSE Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Fund Award

September - honoree(s) recognized at KAWSE's Women's Recognition Ceremony