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Office for the Advancement of Women in Science and Engineering



Applying for a Grant?

Consider facilitating a hands-on workshop for our middle and high school programs, GROW and EXCITE respectively, to demonstrate the broader impacts of your research. GROW hosts 2 Saturday events each semester. GROW and EXCITE offer a three-day summer workshop in June filled with faculty-led activities to highlight different majors and career paths available to students, as well as deepen their understanding and interest in the STEM disciplines. 

Career Advancement/Mentoring

ADVANCE Distinguished Lecture Series

The purpose of this series is to encourage tenure-track faculty members from one of our five partner STEM colleges to make the professional connections with leaders in their research area. Participation in this initiative accelerates the development of networks for the new faculty members, include faculty in decision-making roles, and create links between faculty and disciplinary leaders.

Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Funds Award

K-State ADVANCE program awards up to $500 to a postdoctoral researcher from an eligible department from one of our five partner STEM colleges to cover expenses associated with presentation at a conference. The funds may be used for travel expenses. 

Networking Opportunities

Informal gatherings are typically held at the end of each semester with the purpose of providing the opportunity to meet and make connections with others who are committed to the advancement of women in STEM disciplines. Watch for announcements of these events on the ADVANCE listserv and here on our website.