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Links of Interest

Violin Masterclass


Wonderful teaching material, illustrated by Flash movies featuring the star students of the Starling Project of the University of Cinncinnati. Dr. Sassmannshaus studied with Dorothy Delay and presents many of her ideas here. Great performance videos!

Michael Hopkins’ String Pedagogy Notebook


Lots of information on teaching string instruments, available for free! Flash movies, lists of resources, history of the violin family, care and maintenance. Compiled since 1995 by Dr. Hopkins, the orchestra conductor and bass teacher at the University of Vermont.

String Skills


Interesting shifting and scale material available for free on the web. Created and posted by retired public school music teacher Gabriel A. Villarsurda. Familiar tunes played in higher positions or all on one string build confidence up and down the fingerboard.

The Violin Site


A compilation of lots of information concerning all aspects of string playing and teaching. Monte Belknap, Professor of Violin at Brigham Young University, is the force behind this site. The organization is a little random, but the hunt is worth the time!

Piano Accompaniments


Paul Gardner, a pianist in England, has recorded many piano parts to standard string literature. These mp3 files are available for purchase. With the additional purchase of one of several recommended programs, you can adjust the tempo without changing the pitch. They’re great!

American String Teachers Association


The largest organization dedicated to string playing and teaching in the United States. Lots of advocacy, information, and publications. The website has a great message board for questions.

Kansas State University Student Chapter of ASTA


Our website, which has features on many of our past residencies and activities.

ASTA members listen intently to a guest speaker at one of our meetings.