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Gregory Paul, Project Manager 

Gregory Paul

Dr. Greg Paul is an Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Kansas State University. His work specializes in restorative justice, particularly in the context of youth wrongdoing. He also specializes in organizational communication, conflict management, and dialogue.

Among the highlights of Dr. Paul’s work is the series of community conversations he facilitated around the state of Kansas together with Cynthia Nietfeld on restorative justice and supporting youth development. Convening multiple stakeholder groups, he and Nietfeld facilitated conversations that surfaced people’s interests in developing support systems for youth in schools, families, the community, and the justice system. Dr. Paul also has worked as a facilitator of restorative justice dialogue and has done extensive research on attitudes toward restorative justice. Dr. Paul has published a number of articles and book chapters on restorative justice in the context of juvenile justice, using quantitative and qualitative research methods, to shed light on factors that influence people’s attitudes toward juvenile justice processes.

He also has served as the chair of the Peace and Conflict Communication Division of the National Communication Association, has worked as a mediator and facilitator, and has taught courses such as research methods and organizational communication.