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From InfoTech Tuesday, May 23, 2006

No more personal-use phone authorization codes

by A. Brenner, Computing and Telecommunications Services
published May 23, 2006

Due to a decline in use of authorization codes for personal use, it is no longer feasible to support this service offered by K-State Computing and Telecommunications Services.  Effective July 1, authorization code service for personal use will be disabled.  At the same time, all telephones in the Jardine Complex with service from K-State will be restricted to local calls only.  These codes will still be supported for use by K-State departments and offices.

Individuals needing to make long-distance personal calls from campus and the Jardine Complex will need to use a credit card, a prepaid long-distance card, or other means to have the calls charged back to them.  Several vendors provide these services, which can be readily purchased at local stores.  Follow the vendor's instructions on the card when making long-distance calls.  For further assistance, contact Computing and Telecommunications Services at 532-7001.