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CatPack Software Collection

The CatPack is a free, personalized software collection for K-State. Because some software is restricted due to licensing agreements, the CatPack is for K-State faculty, staff, students, and university departments only.

The CatPack is only for computers running these operating systems:

  • Windows Vista, 7, or 8
  • Macintosh 10.7, 10.8, or 10.9

Windows software

Software Description
Anti-adware, anti-spyware
Audio editor
Browsers (web)
CD/DVD burning
Disk (secured)
  • True Crypt — Can create an encrypted, password-protected volume with its own file system, contained within a regular file.
Email Client
  • Pegasus Mail — Can be set up as alternative to Webmail.
  • Thunderbird — Can be set up as alternative to Webmail.
File Transfer Program (secured)
  • WinSCP — A secure FTP program to access remote computers.
Graphics Editor
  • GIMP — Used for image drawing, retouching and editing.
  • Inkscape — Used for vector graphics editing
Java client
  • Java — Cross platform computer language that many modern computer applications and web applets are written in.
Media players
  • iTunes — Used for playing and organizing digital music.
  • Quick Time — Used to listen to many different audio formats and to watch several video formats.
  • VLC — Used for various audio and video formats.
PDF reader
Photo/picture viewer
  • Picasa — Used to organize and edit digital photos.
Security updates
  • Windows Security Updates — The most current, critical updates for Windows 2000, XP and Vista. These can be updated from the Microsoft website. (Click PC's Start button, click All programs and then click Windows Update, or open Internet Explorer, click Tools and then click Windows Update.)
System terminal
  • PuTTY — Software used to sign in to K-State's central Unix system securely.
VPN client
Wireless setup
Word processor
X Windows system
  • XMing — An emulator for the X Windows System that makes the PC interface similar to a Sun workstation.

Mac software

Browsers (web)
  • Apple Mail — Apple mail client.
  • Firefox (PDF) — Mozilla web browser.
  • Fugu (PDF) — FTP program.
  • QuickTime (PDF) — Media player.
  • StuffIt (PDF) — Compression and expansion program.
  • Webmail — How to access e-mail from the Web.
File compression
and decompression
File Transfer Program (secured)
  • Fugu — A secure FTP program to access remote computers.
Media players
  • QuickTime — Used to listen to many different audio formats and to watch several video formats.
PDF reader
Operating system upgrades
  • OS X — Upgrades, downloads, and resources
Video converter