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Disk Space Usage Policy

All users are responsible for their own data. The Media Studio does not perform backups of any user data. Users should take steps to store and backup their data.

Users may not install application programs of any kind onto any Media Studio drives. Users who require a particular application for their work or believe that a particular application should be installed for general use should consult a member of the staff.

Space on hard drives is not available for long term storage. The workstations are periodically re-imaged to clear out old user data.

Workstations in the Media Studio are equipped with burners and USB ports to facilitate backup, transport and storage of user data. All DV workstations have FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports enabling the connection of FireWire drives. Users with massive diskspace needs are strongly encouraged to purchase such a device. The connection of other peripheral devices for data storage is subject to approval and supervision of the staff. Any drivers or other software needed by a user to connect any external device must be installed by a staff member.

Patrons of the Media Studio are bound at all times by University and Information Technology policies regarding computer and network usage. User data discovered to be in violation of these policies will be deleted from the drive in question, and users may face additional disciplinary action.

Our goal is to provide a clean, dependable and safe computing environment for users. We need your assistance to make this goal possible. Recognize that the cleaning staff need your cooperation in doing their job. Clean your work space before you leave. The Media Studio discourages patrons from bring food into the lab.

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