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Media Studio

The Media Studio, formerly the Media Center, is now open on the first floor of the Sunderland Foundation Innovation Lab in Hale Library.

Limited services are available, such as scanning, digital audio/video conversion, as well as six multimedia Mac and PC workstations, large format scanning, and color printing.

The Media Studio is your one-stop shop for production of multimedia, graphic content and creating accessible documentation.

The high-end lab features, integrated hardware and software that fosters innovative creative design, production, and editing of video, graphics, web pages, audio and 3D. Production resources include the newest Apple iMacs, industry standard software such as the full Adobe Creative Cloud, Apple's Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Logic Pro X and Microsoft Office Suite, as well as a compliment of popular 3D modeling titles such as AutoCAD and SketchUp.

This Media Studio is also equipped with specialized peripherals, such as drawing tablets (i.e. Wacom tablets), flatbed scanners and engaging audio recording system.

The studio is staffed by trained student media consultants to help you with questions.

The Media Studio is also the home to a self-service audio production equipment.

To reserve any of these resources email: rhone@k-state.edu.


Sunderland Foundation
Innovation Lab
1st Floor
Hale Library
Room 136



Jahvelle Rhone
Media Coordinator