International Student Center Room Rental

The Multipurpose Room in the International Student Center is available for rent based on availability of a building supervisor. Reservations for use of the Center must be made by a representative of the sponsoring organization who will serve as the liaison with ISSS. Consideration of each request is based upon the relationship of the proposed event to ISSS's purpose and mission; the timing of the event in relation to other activities and events; the ability of staff and space to accommodate the group; and the suitability of the event with regard to the safety and security of the facility, its contents, and participants. Requests for a reservation must be made at least two weeks prior to the event.

Any student or group wishing to use the room for food events, food sales, or food festivals that will be open to the public must make their reservations at least three weeks in advance and must contact Ron Bridges ( in the University's Environmental Health and Safety office to have their menu approved. Your reservation will not be guaranteed until after Mr. Bridges has approved your menu. Please be aware that stoves and ovens in the ISC cannot be used for cooking. They can only be used to keep food warm.

Any student or group wishing to reserve the multipurpose room past normal operating hours must make their request AT LEAST two weeks in advance in order to have your request considered. Such requests are approved on a case-by-case basis and are subject to the availability of our night staff. The ISSS reserves the right to deny any such requests.

** There is a standard charge of $15.00/hour for each hour the room is reserved past normal operating hours.

If you need a projector for you event, you may be eligible to check out one at no charge from Information Technology Services. Go to for more information.

Please contact the office at 785-532-6448 or email for more information.

To reserve the ISC, you must fill out the International Student Center Building Use Agreement (submit online).