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AiM is maintained at Kansas State University and is used by the Facilities staff.

  • Work Management is used to process all service requests and projects, from changing a light bulb to a major renovation. Work Order information, including the department paying for the repair and what crew it was assigned to is maintained. All labor and equipment charged to the work order is entered into Work Management.
  • Accounts Payable – processes purchase order invoices.
  • Asset Management – is used to keep track of all the vehicles and assets that are maintained by facilities such as air handlers and back flow preventers.
  • Contract Administration – is used to keep track of vendors (contractors), and project contracts.
  • Finance – keeps track of the accounts used for billing.
  • Human Resources – maintains basic information for all employees on campus as requestors for the system and also keeps track of all the employee in facilities which includes their job class and labor rates.
  • Inventory– keeps track of the inventory items in the storeroom.
  • Key Access & Control – keeps track of all the keys on campus, who has those keys and what locks those keys open.
  • Motor Pool– keeps track of renting vehicles to departments on campus.
  • Purchasing– creates purchase orders.
  • Space Management– keeps track of the rooms on campus what department owns it and the square feet.
  • Time and Attendance – used by facility employees to track and bill their time for the work they have done.

AiM interfaces with FIS and HRIS.

Contact details for this system available on the ISO Staff Directory