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Applying for Graduation

When you are ready to apply for graduation at the end of the current term, follow this procedure.  Before you apply for graduation, you should perform the following:

  1. On your Student Center page, on the other academic... list, click Apply for Graduation and then click the Go button Image of Go Button.

  2. Image of Apply for Graduation link

  3. Select the Expected Graduation Term for each applicable Academic Program, and then click Continue.

  4. Image of Select a Program

  5. In the Graduation Application Choice list, select Apply for Graduation for the applicable majors, and then click Continue.

  6. Image of Graduation Application - Major selection

  7. Review the name that will appear on your diploma and then click Continue.

    Image of Graduation Application - Term selection

  8. Review the address to which your diploma will be sent and then click Continue.

    Image of Degree Address Confirmation

  9. In the City and State boxes, type your hometown city and state.

    Image of Graduation Application - Hometown Entry

  10. Enter any coursework that does not appear in your Academic History and then click Continue.

    Image of Graduation Application - External Coursework

  11. Review your Major selections and then click Submit Application.