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International Admissions and Recruiting

International AdmissionsInternational AdmissionsInternational Admissions - PegahK-State Fast

Admission Deadlines

Spring - November 1
Summer - April 1
Fall - June 1

Scholarship Deadlines

Spring - October 1
Fall - March 1

Arrival Schedules

Spring 2019
Summer 2019
Fall 2019

International Admissions

Kansas State University
203A Fairchild Hall
1601 Vattier Street
Manhattan, KS 66506-1111 


+1 785-532-7277 (tel)
+1 785-532-6550 (fax)

K-State Fast

K-State Fast graphic

K-State Fast graphic

Know what classes you'll take before you arrive

Send your TOEFL or IELTs scores to Kansas State University and: 

  • Know your study plan for the first year BEFORE you arrive.
  • Get admission to an undergraduate degree program only with your school transcripts.
  • No passing English test? No problem.
  • No English test? No problem. You can test once you arrive to K-State.

K-State Fast Chart for English Test Part Scores

What Next? 

In order to qualify for K-State Fast, you must be admitted to K-State. Follow the directions on the admission process. Contact us if you have questions about the K-State Fast program.

Test Scores for K-State Fast

  • If your TOEFL scores are below 79 or your IELTS is below 6.5, you can be admitted to an undergraduate degree program and learn English before starting your academic classes. 
  • Yes, you can get admission to your undergraduate degree program without proof of language proficiency!
iBT Total ScoresiBT Part ScoresIELTS Part ScoresSemester 1Semester 2
If you have 1 passing part score (20 or 6.5)Pathways: Part-time University classesFull-time University classes
56 - 7814 - 19 5.5 - 6.0Pathways: Full-time English classesFull-time University classes
48 - 5211 - 135.0Foundation: Full-time English classesPathways: Part-time University classes
  • This is a general overview only. Official placement will be done by the English Language Program.
  • Placement is done by the lowest part score.  If the lowest part score is for speaking, then the student may take a speaking assessment upon arrival and possibly place into the higher level.



Use your English classes for University credit in your undergraduate degree program

Business 20%Arts & Sciences 17%Agriculture 13%Human Ecology 10%Polytechnic Campus & Architecture 5%

  • Save time and money by using your English classes toward your undergraduate degree. 
  • For most degrees, you can earn academic credits for your degree in our English Language Program classes. 
  • Your academic department will decide how many of your English class credits to use toward your degree.


English Credits Applied to Your Undergraduate Degree


15 credits

Arts & Sciences

15 credits


15-21 credits

Human Ecology

2-15 credits


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