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Integrated Genomics

Integrated Genomics Facility (IGF)

Lab # 4511, 4732, 4411, 4716 Throckmorton
Plant Sciences Center
Department of Plant Pathology
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506

phone: (785) 532-1393

Genomic Technologies Workshop

June 17th - 21st, 2019; 9am to 5pm, TH 4031


One-week lecture / laboratory / computer laboratory course on the modern techniques to study genes and genomes.


Monday-Wednesday, 06/17/19-06/19/19. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).

Lectures: NGS technologies and their applications. Illumina DNA sequencing technology. RNA-seq 101. RNA-seq data analysis overview. Network based gene expression data analysis.

Hands-on experience: Students will prepare the RNA-seq libraries, sequence them with Illumina Sequencing System, and analyze NGS data using GALAXY project.


Thursday, 06/20/19. Third Generation Sequencing. Gene Editing.

Lectures: Third generation sequencing technologies and their applications. Oxford Nanopore DNA sequencing technology. CRISPR Gene editing.

Hands-on experience: Students will prepare the DNA-seq libraries, sequence them with MinION Oxford Nanopore Sequencing System, and evaluate the results.


Friday, 06/21/19. Real Time PCR.

Lectures: Overview of Real Time PCR technology. Quantitative Real Time PCR: from RNA to data analysis.

Hands-on experience: Students will perform SYBR Green I based gene expression analysis on provided samples using the BioRad CFX 96 Real Time PCR system.


Course Credit Option (Tuition Fee)

PLPTH 885 (Course number 10488) Genomic Technologies Workshop.

A 2-credit course with credit/no-credit grading.

Recommended prerequisites. One of the following courses: PLPTH610, AGRON610, BIOCH521, BIOCH522, BIOL450, ASI500, BIOL676, AGRON680.

Enrollment limit: 20

Instructor permission is not required. No textbooks. All materials will be provided.