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Integrated Genomics

Pippin Prep (Sage Science) based size selection

Pippin Prep is preparative electrophoresis system for targeted size selection of biomolecules. Pippin’s disposable gel cassettes are precast with agarose. Each sample lane is physically separate to eliminate the possibility of sample cross-contamination. DNA sizing available with the Pippin Prep is for fragments from 100 bp to 1.5 Kb. Up to 5 samples could be run in one gel.

Pippin Prep

Pippin Prep / Sage Science

Blue Pippin (Sage Science) based size selection

Blue Pippin can be used to collect high molecular weight DNA. Great for PacBio and Oxford Nanopore library prep. Please contact akhunova@ksu.edu if you would like to use it. There is no usage fee.

Blue Pippin / Sage Science