Sleeping Bag Systems for Adults: Thermal Insulation and Temperature Ratings


Note: Walmart suppliers should contact the KSU Testing Coordinator for special instructions regarding their bag testing program.


ISO 23537 “Part 1: Thermal and Dimensional Requirements”

ASTM F 1720 "Standard Test Method for Measuring the Thermal Insulation of Sleeping Bags Using a Heated Manikin"

We also test according to military specifications.


Thermal manikin on a cot in an environmental chamber; for the ISO method, the bag is tested on a board with standard thermal underwear and socks, a face mask, and a 1 ½ in. self-inflating pad


$600 for 3 replications

Temperature Ratings:

The comfort, limit, and extreme temperatures will be determined using the heat loss models in the ISO standard; KSU models can also be used with the ASTM standard; no additional charge for these calculations.

manikin test

Thermal manikin "Simon" on a cot in the test chamber.

ISO 23537 posture 1

ISO 23537 standard test.