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Executive Search 

Hiring managers may wish to engage the services of an executive search firm for positions that are difficult to fill with our standard recruitment practices.  These services are generally, but not exclusively, reserved for positions such as Executive Directors, Deans or Vice Presidents. K-State has agreements with several search firms who may be engaged for these services. Your Talent Acquisition Strategic Partner is available to support your department through the entire executive search process from selecting a firm through hiring.

Please contact KStateCareers@k-state.edu or your Talent Acquisition Strategic Partner with any questions about the process.


Contracted Executive Search Firms

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does an executive search process take?  

The timeline can vary depending on the position. Search firms can design a search process to meet your needs.

Do we still need a search committee if we use an executive search firm? 

Yes, the search committee and chair will work directly with the search firm throughout the search process. 

What are the costs associated with utilizing an executive search firm?

The costs and payment schedule can vary depending on the search firm that is selected.

My department has a position that has been hard to fill, can we use an executive search firm? 

It is recommended that you talk through the recruitment strategy with your Talent Acquisition Strategic Partner so all possible avenues can be explored.  Ultimately the cost of the executive search is paid by the hiring department, so if it’s within your budget and you believe all other avenues have been unsuccessful, an executive search firm may be a good option. 

Can departments work with any executive search firm? 

K-State has contracts with several firms.  If it is determined that one of these firms will not be able to meet your hiring needs, Purchasing and Contract Services can help determine your options.  A competitive bid process may be necessary before you can contract with a new firm.

Will agreements with additional executive search firms be added in the future? 

Human Resources will be working on a competitive bid process in fall 2024 to potentially add new firms to our vendor list and to renew agreements with current firms.

How do departments start the process to work with an executive search firm? 

If you are considering the services of an executive search firm, you may contact the firms directly to discuss your needs and determine if the firm will be a good partner for your specific hiring need.  Talent Acquisition Strategic Partners are available to talk through options and assist you with engaging with the search firm(s) that might best meet your needs.