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Hiring Process Redesign

Human Resources conducted a kaizen event February 9-13, 2015 to examine the hiring process and rebuild it into an efficient, user-friendly experience that will help K-State attract and hire top talent. Following the kaizen, many different actions needed to be completed in order to streamline our hiring processes. To ensure a smooth transition for our many users, we completed the redesign in three phases.

Kaizen participants and stakeholders discuss the importance of the hiring process redesign

Phase 1: Completed May 2015

Effective immediately

  • Talent Acquisition has created new toolkits to assist in the hiring process, such as: scheduling guides, screening tools, and reference check resources.
  • Talent Acquisition is available to source candidates for searches. As requested, we will have a formalized intake process when you contact us to initiate a search. This helps ensure we gather all the necessary information to make your recruitment a success.
  • University support staff application materials that meet the minimum qualifications will be distributed electronically through OneDrive on a daily basis to the search committee chair. Therefore, search committee chairs can expect an email from their Talent Acquisition liaison.
  • To strengthen our employment brand, job announcement templates have been provided to departments for use in job postings.
  • Search committees may immediately screen applications once a screening matrix is developed.
  • An International Hiring Guide to assist search committees/interview panels.
  • New communication templates for notifying candidates who have not been selected for interview or hire.
  • Departments can create offer letters using the approved template provided by Talent Acquisition. If departments make revisions to the template, they must send the offer letter to their Talent Acquisition liaison for review prior to distribution to the candidate.
  • Background check confirmation notifications will no longer need to be sent with the hiring paperwork to Talent Acquisition or the Resource Center since Talent Acquisition will inform the Resource Center of cleared background checks.
  • For rehires, Human Resources liaisons can see if they've already cleared a background check by viewing All Jobs Summary in HRIS.
  • Signature authority in the DS-2019 has been streamlined to eliminate additional signature approval.
  • The PER-20 will not be required for re-hires.

Pilot items

  • Position numbers will be created by college/unit Budget Officers.
  • New combined forms to replace the Appendix 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, PER-5 and PER-10. The new forms are a Job Requisition Form and a Job Summary Form and both are used for all hiring processes (university support staff, unclassified staff, and faculty).
  • The use of electronic signatures in forms.
  • Giving the candidate the background check form at the time of interview, to speed up the background check process.
  • Streamlined packets of hiring paperwork that eliminate the need for re-entering data on each form.
  • Colleges and major units will be able to enter their own new hires in HRIS and HR will approve them. This will allow new hire access to K-State resources sooner.

Phase 2: Completed August 2015

Effective immediately

  • Action items being piloted in Phase 1. Meetings will be scheduled July 22-24, 2015 and July 29-31, 2015 to discuss the new workflow.
  • HR will negotiate for better bulk pricing for advertising on large sites, i.e. The Chronicle.
  • Job announcements will be sent on the @kstatejobs listserv on a weekly basis
  • Online search committee training (Hiring Top Talent) is available for committee members to complete. Training completion is tracked in HRIS.
  • An updated Total Rewards website to provide additional information about benefits offered at K-State.
  • Standard welcome packet to give to candidates interviewed at Manhattan, Polytechnic, and Olathe campuses.
  • An offer template for university support staff positions.

Phase 3: Completed December 2015

Effective immediately

  • HR will develop a catalog that provides a list of locations for posting job announcements.

Pilot items

  • An Applicant Tracking System, PageUp, is used to conduct recruitment. PageUp utilizes the new streamlined hiring process.
  • Create a pipeline (pool) of candidates for positions.

Hiring Process Redesign

  • Phase 1

    May 2015

  • Phase 2

    August 2015

  • Phase 3

    December 2015