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Department of History

Topics Course Descriptions Fall 2019

Each semester, the History Department offers several "topics" courses. These are often new or cross traditional chronological and geographical divides. American History topics fall under HIST 533, European topics fall under HIST 597, and Non-Western topics fall under HIST 598. The KSU catalog does not offer a full description of these topics classes, so we do so below.


HIST 200, Sec A   Top/U.S. Military History: 1775-Present

M W F        9:30-10:20 a.m.  K 004    Orr, Andrew

Explore the origins of the United States military from their earliest days to the present day.


HIST 301, Sec A   Topics in History - Top/America's Rural Past

M W F       10:30 - 11:20 a.m.   LS 112     Aley, Ginette

Come learn what historian Richard Hofstadter meant when he said the United States was "born in the country and moved to the city"!

HIST 598, Sec A    Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/History of Islam

T U 9:30 - 10:45 a.m.  C 116    Oweidat, Nadia Suhaila

This course offers students a survey of Islam's history from inception, through various stages of expansion and until the present day. The class will mainly focus on developments in the Middle East and North Africa regions but will also touch on others across the rest of the Islamic World. Students will gain a deep understanding of the historical forces that shape the modern debate about Islam, Islamic civilization and many current events.


HIST 598, Sec ZA    Top/Non-Western Hist - Top/History of the Himalayan Region

Online course*   Mrozek, Donald

Tibet. Ladakh. India. Nepal. Bhutan. This is the Himalayan region, but it is so much more than mere geography. Prayers written on flags are "spoken" as the wind blows them. The Sherpas of Mount Everest making a living out of mountaineering. Sky burials where the dead are left for the birds to eat - allowing a deceased person to give on more thing to other sentient beings. Let's explore these places together!

*Global Campus course fees apply


See the full schedule of courses for the Fall 2019 HERE.