United State Command and General Staff College

Cooperative Ph.D. Program in Military History

The Department of History has established a partnership with the United States Army Command and General Staff College in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, to develop a cooperative graduate program in military history. The principal focus of this program is to promote a Ph.D. program. The Institute will play a major role in administering the program.

In May 2000, the Director of the Combat Studies Institute, CGSC, proposed establishing a cooperative Ph.D. program with the Kansas State University History Department. Through this unique partnership, Kansas State University offers one of the most comprehensive graduate programs in military history available in the United States. Combining the scholarly expertise of more than 16 scholars, this program may represent the largest concentration of military history educators in the world. By providing the administrative home for this cooperative Ph.D. program, the Institute establishes itself as a leading center for Ph.D. studies in military history and related fields. The graduate student body will be in residence primarily in Manhattan and Fort Leavenworth.