My Oriental Album
"Welcome to "My Oriental Album."
My Oriental Album
        To You who are about to open these pages and glance thru the contents, the following warning is issued.
        Within these pages are collected thru months of service in China various pictures to keep in mind bygone days and rekindle anew old memories of the Asiatic Station. Perhaps some people may not approve of the contents and it is with the warning that though there is nothing in these pages that should not in the mind of the owner be there, nevertheless you are cautioned that you do so at your own free will and risk.
    Hoping that you might find this both of interest and entertainment and at the same time instructive I beg to remain.

                                                            The Owner
                          Norman E. Fields
U.S.S. HENDERSON -- 10-5-31
U.S.S. BLACK HAWK -- 11-19-31 Cover of “My Oriental Album”