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Department of History

Applying for Graduate Studies

Important Information and Forms 

Application Checklists

Note: International applications should be filed by individuals who are neither citizens nor permanent residents of the U.S.

Online form submission - current graduate students

Grad school online forms

Submit all your graduate school forms ONLINE and have the system gather electronic signatures for you! Some of the forms available are:

  • Program of Study form
  • Program/Committee Change form
  • Request for Preliminary Examination Ballot form
  • Approval to Schedule Final Examination form
  • Video/Teleconference Request form (for both off-campus students and faculty members)
  • Request to Retake a Graduate course

Both MA and PhD forms are available. Some forms have been condensed into a single form and the student selects 'MA' or 'PhD' at the start of the form. Get started HERE. Simply click on "Electronic Form Submission" and login with your eID and password to get started.