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Department of History

Marsha Frey


Office: 204 Calvin Hall
Email: mfrey@k-state.edu


In tandem with my twin, Professor Linda Frey (University of Montana) and with the support, often vocal of our canine crew, I am writing a monograph on the culture of French revolutionary diplomacy.

Curriculum Vitae (PDF) 
Select Publications

Daily Life of Civilians in Wartime Europe, 1618 to 1900. (with Linda Frey). Westport, Ct: Greenwood Press, 2007.

Series editor with Linda Frey, Greenwood Guides to Historic Events, 1500-1900. (2002- Forthcoming).

The French Revolution. (with Linda Frey). Westport, Ct: Greenwood Press, 2004.

The History of Diplomatic Immunity. (With Linda Frey). Columbus Ohio: Ohio State University Press, 1999. Phi Alpha Theta Outstanding Book Award, 2000.

The Treaties of the War of the Spanish Succession: An Historical and Critical Dictionary (with Linda Frey). Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1995.

Societies in Upheaval: Insurrections in France, Hungary, and Spain in the Early Eighteenth Century (with Linda Frey). Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1987.

Women in Western European History: A Select Chronological, Geographical, and Topical Bibliography. 3 vols. (co-compiler with Linda Frey and Joanne Schneider). Westport, Connecticut: Greenwood Press, 1982, 1984, 1986. Choice Outstanding Academic Book.

Friedrich I., Preussens erster König (with Linda Frey). Vienna: Verlag Styria, 1983.

A Question of Empire: Leopold I and the War of the Spanish Succession, 1701-1705 (with Linda Frey). Atlantic Studies, Brooklyn College Studies on Society in Change, No. 36. East European Monographs, No. 136. New York: Columbia University Press, 1983.

"The French Revolution and Internationalism: The Road not Taken in Eastern Europe" (with Linda Frey) in Nations and Nationalisms in East-Central Europe, 1806-1948: A Festschrift for Peter E. Sugar, edited by Sabrina Ramet, James R. Felak, and Herbert J. Ellison, pp.9-24. Bloomington, IN: Slavica, 2002.

"International Officials and the Standard of Diplomatic Privilege" (with Linda Frey) Solicited Article for Diplomacy and Statecraft, 9, no. 3 (November 1998): 1-17.

"A Diplomatic Analogy: International Functionaries and their Privileges" (with Linda Frey). Modern Diplomacy, edited by Jovan Kurbalija, 211-227. Malta: Mediterranean Academy of Diplomatic Studies, 1998.

"The Confessional Issue in International Politics: The Rákóczi Insurrection" (with Linda Frey). R. Varkónyi Agnes Emlékkönyv, edited by Péter Tusor, Budapest: Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem Bölcészettudományi Kar, 1998, 431-441.

"Question of Privilege: The Revolutionary Attack on 'Protected Spies,'" Rebels Against the Old Order, Essays in Honor of Morris Slavin, 52-62. Youngstown State University, 1994.

"'The Reign of the Charlatans is Over': The French Revolutionary Attack on Diplomatic Practice" (with Linda Frey). Journal of Modern History 65 (December 1993), 706-744.

"'I Have Become a Stranger to my Brethren': The Role of Religious Dissent in Early Modern Europe" (with Linda Frey). History of European Ideas 15 (August 1992), 437-441.

"The Bounds of Immunity: The Sá Case. Politics, Law, and Diplomacy in Commonwealth England" (with Linda Frey). Canadian Journal of History (Annales canadiennes d'histoire) 25 (April 1990), 41-60.

"Terrorism in Early Modern Europe" (with Linda Frey), in Contemporary Research on Terrorism, edited by Paul Wilkinson and Alasdair M. Stewart. Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press, 1987, pp. 107-120.

"II. Rákóczi Ferenc és a tengeri hatalmak" (with Linda Frey). Törtenelmi Szemle (June 1982), 663-674.

"Rákóczi and the Maritime Powers: Uncertain Friendship" (with Linda Frey), in From Hunyadi to Rákóczi: War and Society in Early Modern Hungary, edited by Béla K. Király, Gunther E. Rothenberg, and Janos M. Bak. Volume III in War and Society in East Central Europe, No. 12 in "Brooklyn College Studies on Society in Change." New York: Brooklyn College Press, distributed by Columbia University Press, 1981.

Courses Taught
  • Surveys: Rise of Europe and the Modern Era
  • Upper Division: l8th C Europe, the French Revolution, Central Europe, European Diplomatic History to 1815
  • Graduate Level: l8th C Europe, the French Revolution, Central Europe, European Diplomatic History to 1815
Additional Information

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