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Department of History

2019 Kansas Association of Historians Conference

2019 KAH


March 29-30, 2019
Hosted by Kansas State University
Manhattan KS
Download the conference program HERE.

The address for the K-State Alumni Center is: 1720 Anderson Ave, Manhattan, KS 66502. You can view an interactive map of KSU's campus HERE.

Download a registration packet today!

Directions: Fill out the last page electronically and email it back to janulis@ksu.edu and/or mail the last page back to us and include a check for your registration payment. Registration fees are now $45 for students and $55 for general public. If you are sending a check, please make it payable to 'Kansas State University' and on the memo line write 'KAH Registration'. Thank you.

Register and pay online HERE. Click on "2019 KAH Conference" and put in your information, then click "Add to Basket" to put in your credit/debit card information. You can do this even if you have already submitted your registration form to the History Department or to Melissa Janulis. We will have a computer available at the Registration table in the Alumni Center for those who have not yet registered.

Parking in the Parking Garage: Entrance off of N 17th Street - directly next to the Alumni Center (UPDATED)

Below you will find links that you can use to purchase a garage parking pass for the KAH conference:

On a computer or device with access to a printer:

Click on the link for the day you wish to purchase a pass, create an account (or access an existing account) and order your permit. To purchase a parking pass in the garage for both days of the conference, you will have to repeat this process using BOTH OF THE LINKS BELOW. To create an account, click on Sign Up (in the upper right hand corner of screen). Then you will be asked for an email, first and last name, and to create a password.  If you have an account use your email address and password to access your account and order a permit. Each permit is $5/day.

The permit is to be printed out and used to park on campus.  If you are parking in the garage, scan (orange screen on left side of column) the special QR code on the permit to enter and exit the garage.  If you are parking outside the garage the permit needs to be placed on the dashboard of the vehicle and clearly visible. Only one vehicle per permit.

Link for use on Friday 03/29/19 ONLY: https://ksu.t2hosted.com/per/index.aspx?key=2ff4f702242547b0b6e4d2c4b3237a5e  

Link for use on Saturday 03/30/19 ONLY: https://ksu.t2hosted.com/per/index.aspx?key=707eef4fc7bc44b284cca9efb260d76e  

-Remember, you must click on both links to purchase a parking pass for both days!-

Please contact Rose Sloan in KSU Parking Services with any questions or concerns: 785-532-1986 or 785-532-7275.

Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art Optional Tour on Friday afternoon: More information on the Pete Souza exhibit

Businesses and Local Organizations: Want to be a sponsor? Download our Sponsorship Form today to get started!

If you are sending a check to pay for you sponsorship, please make it payable to 'Kansas State University' and on the memo line write 'KAH Sponsorship'. Thank you.