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Chapman Center for Rural Studies

Publications by the Chapman Center for Rural Studies

Broughton Kansas: Portrait of a Lost Town 1869 - 1966
book jacket imageBroughton Kansas: Portrait of a Lost Town is a publication of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies. It was researched and written by Kansas State University undergraduate and graduate students and edited by M.J. Morgan, the Center’s Research Director. The 2010 publication was underwritten by Mark Chapman, K-State alum and former Broughton resident.
This book is also available for purchase by contacting the Center at chapmancenter@k-state.edu or by calling (785) 532-0380. All proceeds from the sale of Broughton Kansas go directly to support future undergraduate research on the history of rural Kansas.
Filling the Larder, Feeding our Families: The First 150 Years
Book JacketFilling the Larder: Feeding our Families is the second research publication of the Chapman Center for Rural Studies and was underwritten by the Kansas State University Center for Engagement and Community Development. Based on original research by members of both M.J. Morgan's communities class and Jane Marshall's History of American Cuisine classes in 2010 and 2011, Feeding the Larder contains new information about the ways in which rural Kansans gathered, processed, marketed and celebrated their bounty. Copies of the book can be ordered through Claflin Books & Copies at (785) 776-3771.

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