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Chapman Center for Rural Studies

Chapman Center for Rural Studies
Kansas State University
111 Leasure Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

(785) 532-0380

Spring Hours:
Mon - Fri: 8:30AM - 3:30PM

Additional Resources

K-State’s Indigenous Land Acknowledgement was created by the Indigenous Faculty Staff Alliance in January 2020. 
IPD Border

Listen to a panel discussion about this land acknowledgement:

The Kaw Nation Website includes a wealth of cultural, historic, and linguistic information.
Kaw Nation Website

Click the link below to read about the In ‘zhúje ‘waxóbe/ Sacred Red Rock Project which will move the sacred stone, In ‘zhúje ‘waxóbe, to Allegawaho Memorial Heritage Park near Council Grove as a way to acknowledge the harm done by colonial theft and appropriation:

Sacred Red Rock

#NameTheChange is a campaign to end the use of the slur “dirty Kanza” as the event name of DIRTY KANZA (DK) in Emporia, KS.

Name the Change