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Chapman Center for Rural Studies

IRG Guidelines for Faculty

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The Chapman Center for Rural Studies, a Center of Excellence in the College of Arts and Sciences
, calls for pre-proposals for our new annual Interdisciplinary Research Grant (IRG) beginning in the spring semester of 2020.  The CCRS is seeking RSCAD-based proposals from faculty[1] in the College of Arts and Sciences, who represent at least two disciplines; to sustain rural communities locally, regionally, and nationally.

The purpose of this new grant is to encourage faculty to work creatively and collaboratively with scholars outside their specializations to generate new insights (ie  Discoveries) into the dynamics of rural life today--economies, social structures, health outcomes, education, transportation, politics, community identity and memory, demographics and/or the environment—with  recommendations for improving the quality of life for rural residents now and in the future. The proposal should describe how and why their project will use the unique skills and disciplinary knowledge of each faculty participant.  Chapman Center IRG grants are limited to one year and ideally will lead to longer, externally funded initiatives. The findings of the IRG teams are expected to be made available to a wide audience through a peer reviewed online journal.

The CCRS is an award-winning center for public engagement. Proposals for the Interdisciplinary Research Grant should reflect this commitment with a clearly stated pathway of engagement with rural residents to ensure their participation and support. 

Finally, the Chapman Center is committed to providing research experience to promising undergraduates, especially in those fields that are not traditionally laboratory based.

Successful faculty teams will receive:
  • Research and administrative space
  • Paid undergraduate research assistants (up to four)
  • Communication and media support
  • Technical, software and hardware support
  • Advisory and administrative support
  • Travel support (up to $3000)
  • $10,000-$15,000 in stipend (summer salary)

Request pre-proposal guidelines directly from the Center Director, Bonnie Lynn-Sherow (blynn@ksu.edu), download the Pre-Proposal Guidelines for review by November 11, 2019. Finalists will be asked for a full proposal leading to an interview the week of December 2-6, 2019.


Send completed Pre-Proposal Guidelines via email to chapmancenter@ksu.edu

[1] Faculty teams may include non-tenured and adjunct faculty in any college but the lead investigator should be a tenured faculty member in the College of Arts and Sciences.