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Department of History

Student Learning Outcomes for PhD in History

The History Department at Kansas State University is committed to rigorous and analytical work in the field of history. Those who graduate with a PhD in History should have achieved the following six skills:

  1. Historical Factual Knowledge: An advanced level of historical factual knowledge relevant to one's individual fields of historical study.
  2. Historiographic Skills: An understanding of the significance of historiography and mastery of the historiographic arguments central to one's individual areas of research or teaching.
  3. Communications Skills: The ability to express oneself clearly, accurately, and professionally in both the oral and written forms.
  4. Research Methodology: The ability to conduct research appropriate to writing PhD dissertation, including the ability to recognize the importance of both primary and secondary sources and the ability to conduct appropriate critical analysis of historical evidence. The dissertation must also include appropriate citation.
  5. Original contribution: Produce research in the form of a PhD dissertation that makes an original contribution to the field of history. Although publication is not required prior to graduation, the History Department Faculty also takes seriously the following mission:
  6. Publication: Instill in students the goal of producing original historical written work of sufficient quality to be submitted for publication in professional journals or academic presses.