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Fall 2022 course schedule

The Fall 2022 schedule is published! Click above for the History courses we are planning for the Fall semester. Please keep in mind that these courses are tentative, and classrooms, instructors, and other course information can still change at any moment. For more information, please email our academic advisor, Kathy Lillich, at klillich@ksu.edu.

Enrollment for the Summer and Fall 2022 semesters begins for seniors and graduate students on March 21. Check out our summer options wtih the link below; or learn more from our course posters listed below!

Summer 2022 course schedule

Contact Kathy Lillich, Academic Advisor, for more information about course specifics.

New History major/double-major requirements (F21 and after): The History Department has updated the requirements for the major beginning in the Fall 2021. View the updated major and double-major requirements or contact Kathy Lillich for more information. If you are curious how a course you have taken meets the requirements, check out our updated Course Distribution page.

Need a Historical Perspectives course for K-State 8 or a general elective? Interested in history? With the help of your academic advisor, you can choose the perfect History course to satisfy your curiosity, or fill a hole in your course schedule!

See further instructions for enrollment advising appointments from Kathy Lillich, Academic Advisor for History and Political Science.

Interested in a History minor? Check out our History minor page for more information!

Summer 2022 Course Posters

HIST 200-ZA: Tiawan & The Major Powers (August Intersession)


HIST 333-ZA: War & Conquest in Hispanic America


HIST 510: World War I

HIST 510

HIST 544-ZA: U.S. & World Affairs Since 1920


HIST 558-ZA: History of Kansas


Fall 2022 Course Posters

HIST 102: Western Civilization II: Europe in the Modern World

HIST 102

HIST 155: U.S. Military History Since 1775

HIST 155

HIST 301-A: Topics in History: Napoleon At War

HIST 301-A

HIST 301-B: Topics in History: Cold War Cultures

HIST 301-B

HIST 301-D: Topics in History: War & Empire in the 19th Century

HIST 301-D

HIST 301-ZA: The American West


HIST 311: Race & U.S. Foreign Relations (please note time change, effective 03/22/22)

HIST 311 updated time

HIST 507: China Since 1644

HIST 507

HIST 520: Death & Dying in History

HIST 520

HIST 543: U.S. & World Affairs to 1920

HIST 543

HIST 584: France and Its Empire since 1815

HIST 584

HIST 597-A: Christian Saints in the Middle Ages

HIST 597

HIST 597-B: Nazis in the News

HIST 597-B

More will be added soon!