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Spring 2023 course schedules are live! Check out the History courses for next semester HERE! We have several options for HIST 301 - Topics Courses - so whether you are interested in Immigration History (section C), US Southern history (ZA), European history (D), Islamic history (E or ZB), or Nazi Germany and the Holocaust (A), Games & History (B) or the Pacific in WWII (H), we've got you covered! We also have courses on the Social History of Medicine, U.S. and World Affairs, History and Culture of Greece, Latin America and Civilization, the Middle Ages, History of Sport and the History of Technology. The Modern Middle East could satisfy a non-western credit, and the Early National Period is for those interested in the earliest period of the U.S. Need a pre-1800 course? Check out the Medieval Christianity course!

Fall 2022 course schedule

Contact Kathy Lillich, Academic Advisor, for more information about course specifics.

History major/double-major requirements (F21 and after): The History Department has updated the requirements for the major beginning in the Fall 2021. View the updated major and double-major requirements or contact Kathy Lillich for more information. If you are curious how a course you have taken meets the requirements, check out our updated Course Distribution page.

Interested in a History minor? Check out our History minor page for more information!

Check out our Spring 2023 course flyers and posters below! More will be added as I get them: 

HIST 101 - Western Civilization I

HIST 101 - SP23

HIST 301A - Nazi Germany & The Holocaust

HIST 301-A Nazi Germany

HIST 301ZA - The U.S. South in Historical Perspective


HIST 301B - Games & History

HIST 301B - SP23

HIST 301H - The Pacific War: WWII in Asia and the Pacific

HIST 301-H Pacific in WWII

HIST 301ZB: The Middle East, Islam and the Internet

HIST 301-ZB Islam Internet SP23

HIST 303: Latin American History and Civilization

HIST 303 Latin Am Hist Civ

HIST 320 - History of Technology

HIST 320 History of Tech

HIST 340: The Middle Ages, 500-1500 AD

HIST 340 Middle Ages

HIST 515ZA - History of Sport

HIST 515ZA Hist of Sport

HIST 527 - Early National Period

HIST 527 Early National Period SP23

HIST 544 - U.S. and World Affairs since 1920

HIST 544 SP23

HIST 558 - History of Kansas


HIST 565 - History and Culture of Greece

HIST 565 Hist Cult of Greece

HIST 585 - Medieval Christianity

HIST 585 - Med Christianity


More will be added soon!