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Herman Lab

Worm Decontamination with Clorox

  1. From a plate with plenty opf eggs, wash off with M9 into a conical tube.  Eggs may stick in bacterial lawn, so gently wipe plate with spatula to loosen.  
  2. Spin down (I use speed "4" on ancient centrifuge, for about one minute).  Resuspend in 2mls decontamination solution (see below).
  3. Let sit 6-10 minutes*, flicking the tube occasionally to break up worms.
  4. Pellet 4 minutes in centrifuge.
  5. Suspend in M9, pellet 1 minute.
  6. Remove supernatant, pipet eggs onto a plate with a Pasteur pipet.

*Use 10 mintes for grey slime – it is extra resistant.

Worm Decontamination Solution

5N NaOH                       0.2ml                  5ml                    20ml

Clorox                             0.4ml               10ml                    40ml

M9                                  1.4ml               35ml                    140ml

Total                                  2ml                50ml                    200ml