Elymus villosus Muhl.

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Educational Resources

Educators can access herbarium data to teach about biodiversity, including local flora. The lesson “This place you call home: the flora of your county” is adaptable to many levels and areas.

>>>>County flora lesson


Great Plains Herbarium Network

Beginning in 2004, curators and associates of herbaria in the central Great Plains have gathered in a series of Great Plains Plant Systematics Symposia to present research and discuss management and enhancement of herbaria in the region.

>>>> GP Herbarium Network



BiodIS is a web portal presenting digital resources of the institution's research natural history collections to scientists, educators and the general public.

>>>> Visit BiodIS


Sites within Kansas State University

>>>> Konza Prairie Biological Station
>>>> Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses
>>>> The Mackenzie Linnaeana, Special Collections



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