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Human Capital Services

Transition guide

Navigation quick reference

The Human Capital Services navigation is a topic-based menu with a targeted tools tab for resources specific to managers, supervisors and liaisons. Our usability testing showed that topic-based menus work best for all the audiences the HCS website serves.

The drop down menus for each navigation tab link several top topics in each area and include a link to the full set of information for that topic. Drop downs help by providing either a quick link or a general sense of the topic area without becoming an overwhelming all-inclusive list.

Navigation transition guide

Homepage features

We think of the home page as our "store front." We want you to know what's new (news), what's current/important (highlights on initiatives), and to share how we can better serve you.


Find links to current initiatives and timely information. This content will be here for a few weeks and change as we share initiative updates or new initiatives are launched.


Find current news from HCS including letters from the V.P., notices for employees regarding benefits and payroll, and other HCS news. These articles will be published in K-State Today and found here as a news feed.


Find current events including lectures, training, and professional development on campus.

What else

And don't forget the homepage links in the left navigation that give you quick access to the staff directory, HCS initiatives, policies and forms.

Where is it? 

Looking for a specific link? Check out the alphabetical list below of specific topics.

TopicsNew name and location
Changes in Terms and Conditions of EmploymentSame name
Location: HCS Tools, For Managers & Supervisors (eID/pw required)
Dispute resolutionSame name
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations
Dual Career AssistanceDual Career Network
Location: Provost, Resources
Emeritus statusEmeritus
Location: Work Life, Retiring
Employee Assistance ProgramSame name
Location: Benefits, Total Rewards
Entitlement-Non-Benefits-EligibleNon-Benefits Eligible
Location: Benefits, Overview
Grievance boardHearing and Grievances
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations
HR LiaisonsFor HCS Departmental Liaisons
Location: HCS Tools (eID/pw required)
Human Systems ConsultingHuman Systems Consultant
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations, Dispute Resolution
Job OpportunitiesJob Opportunities
Location: Jobs
Leave programsSame name
Location: Work Life, Time Off and Holidays
Leaving the UniversitySame name
Location: Work Life
Managers/SupervisorsFor Managers & Supervisors
Location: HCS Tools (eID/pw required)
Marital Status/Dependent changesChanging Marital Status and/or Dependents
Location: Work Life, Life Changes
Mediation assistanceSame name
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations, Dispute Resolution
New faculty/staff orientationOrientation sessions
Location: Work Life, For New Employees
OmbudspersonsSame name
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations, Dispute Resolution
Pay DatesSame name
Location: Work Life
Performance EvaluationEmployee Performance
Location: HCS Tools, For Managers & Supervisors (eID/pw required)
Personnel recordsPersonnel File Retention
Location: HCS Tools, For HCS Departmental Liaisons, Resources (eID/pw required)
Phased retirementSame name
Location: Work Life
Recruitment, hiring and retentionHiring Toolkit
Location: HCS Tools (eID/pw required)
Location: Work Life
Work Life BalanceWork & Life Stress
Location: Work Life, Employee Relations