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Human Capital Services

Background Check Requests: GRA/GTA/GA/Staff Assistant Roles


  • If this is your first time requesting a background check, you will need to complete THIS FORM to request access to Risk Mitigation. You will receive an email confirmation of your request from kstatecareers@ksu.edu and then a second email containing your log in credentials within one business day from ben@riskmitigation.us


  • Log in using your user credentials at: https://riskmitigation.us/
    • NOTE: Bookmark this page and save your login credentials for future use.


  • Select “Generate E-mail/Text”


Process Screenshot 1


  • Complete the “General Information” section as follows:
    • Enter candidate first and last name
    • Enter candidate email
    • Enter your name/email for recruiter information
    • Select the “CC” option if you want to receive a copy
    • Select “K28|GRA-GTA-GA-StaffAssistant” from the “Order Type” drop down


Background Check Process 2


  • The “Email/Text” section is what will go to the candidate. Do not alter this section.


  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “Submit”. You will receive a confirmation of your submitted request from info@riskmitigation.us


BG Check Process 3


  • The candidate will receive an email from Risk Mitigation (email address: backgroundchecks@securescreening.info) with the subject “Authorization to Conduct a Background Check for Kansas State University”.
    • We suggest reaching out to alert the candidate to watch for this email and to check their SPAM.
    • Risk Mitigation will automatically send a reminder to the candidate two days after the initial request and again five days after the initial request if they do not respond to the request for authorization.
    • In the rare case where a candidate does not receive the authorization, you may share this link with them directly: https://t.secure-screening.net/y/r8Y6SkE. Please only share this if a candidate cannot access the email sent by Risk Mitigation directly.
  • You will receive a notification when the applicant has submitted their authorization for the BG check from kstatecareers@ksu.edu. Nothing further needs to be done at this time.


  • Once the BG check is complete and CLEAR – you will receive the notification below from info@riskmitigation.us to attach with the new hire paperwork for HCS, and the new employee may begin work if all other documents are in place.
    • In the case that a candidate is NOT cleared or there are further questions, Talent Acquisition will notify you directly.


Background Check Process 4


Reach out to your Talent Acquisition Partner with any questions.