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Human Capital Services

Administrative Furlough Plans - FY21

Office of International Programs

Cost Savings Target for the Administrative Furlough Plan

The Office of International Programs will save $18,274 in additional reductions in personnel costs with this administrative furlough plan meeting the challenging budget realities of international programs in a time where travel between countries by international students and education abroad students is difficult at best. The international programs has already introduced reduced term appointments, emergency furlough reductions, volunteer salary reductions and reduction of FTE to assist in budget savings to date. OIP has already taken a total $104,960 reductions with $63,927 in emergency furlough reductions and $41,033 in voluntary salary reductions.

Impact to Mission and/or Operations

We anticipate that we will have some limited operations within general Office of International (OIP) programs, sponsored students special programs and English Language Program with regards to the impact of this Administrative Furlough. As with all reductions, the administrative furlough plan takes into account exemptions (see below) for employees already on emergency furloughs and reduced FTE to protect further impact to the operations within the units. The goal is to have limited operations that have no long term effects to the mission of the internationalization of the University. Again, the international programs has already introduced reduced term appointments, emergency furlough, reduction of FTE and voluntary salary reductions to assist in budget savings to date.

Utilization of Salary Tiers

The table below summarizes our proposed use of salary tiers and the distribution of FTE within those tiers.

SALARY TIERSTotal # of DAYSTotal #
of FTE
  12 Mo EEs9 Mo EEs
Effective Dates

Proposed Administrative Furlough Begin Date: 9/20/20
Proposed Administrative Furlough End Date: 4/3/21

Furlough Deployment

We have a preference for the good of the units and the good of the employee to deploy in 1-week increments, however for English Language Program instructors/employees to continue within teaching and learning, the employees/instructor may need to take partial weeks. The sponsored students' office timing needs are different than ELP and general OIP. The exact week deployment will be determined within each sub-unit by the Director of that sub-unit understanding the needs of the sub-unit between the 9/20/20 – 4/3/21 timeframe. 

Employees Exempted from Administrative Furlough

The Administrative Furlough Plan exempts all OIP employees below a 1.0 FTE as they already have a reduced workload to meet the needs of the unit. The employees below the 1.0 FTE with OIP may be part of administrative furlough in another area of the University. In this particular case 19 OIP employees fall into this category.

The Administrative Furlough Plan exempts all OIP employees already taking an Emergency Furlough to reach the immediate budget needs of a particular unit. Within OIP, this includes all employees with Education Abroad and International Student and Scholar Services for a total of 12 employees.

The Administrative Furlough plan exempts three International Student and Scholar Services employees for critical compliance needs to serve the University in SEVP and State Department visa issues and compliance reporting functions. We have a guidance document from SEVP about this matter.

The Administrative Furlough Plan exempts all OIP employees already taking a voluntary reduction of salary up to the equivalent amount of the furloughed days. This is four OIP employees.

The criteria for the decisions around exempting an employee takes into account the whole of OIP. We need to make sure that employees and OIP units that may already have reduced work and compensation do not have additional administrative furlough days. By doing this, we limit the impact on the emergency furloughed units, units with reduced FTE employees, and meet the special SEVP and State Department compliance needs.