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Human Capital Services

Administrative Furlough Plans - FY21

College of Health and Human Sciences

Cost Savings Target for the Administrative Furlough Plan

$781,043 salary + $142,150 benefits = $923,193

Impact to Mission and/or Operations

The implementation of administrative furloughs will decrease the overall productivity of the college and the units within the college. However, these furloughs will be implemented in a way to preserve the instructional delivery of courses and maintain progress towards graduation for our students.

Utilization of Salary Tiers

The table below summarizes our proposed use of salary tiers and the distribution of FTE within those tiers.

SALARY TIERSTotal # of DAYSTotal #
of FTE
  12 Mo EEs9 Mo EEs
200,000+ 000
Effective Dates

Proposed Administrative Furlough Begin Date: 8/9/20
Proposed Administrative Furlough End Date: End of fiscal year: 9-month 5/15/21, 12-month 6/12/21

Furlough Deployment

When possible, full weeks will be used to accommodate furlough days. Potential full weeks include (November 23-25, December 21-23, 2020, December 28-31, Jan 4-8, 2021, March 15-21, 2021). Additional days within weeks during the contract period will be identified to satisfy the furlough requirement. All furlough days will be identified in consultation with the faculty/staff member. Final approval of furlough days rests with the supervisor.

Employees Exempted from Administrative Furlough

The following groups will be exempted from the furlough:

  • Extension Nutrition Department – grant and capacity-grant funded, so savings do not help with the college reductions
  • Graduate students – GAs, GTAs and GRAs
  • Those on H1B Visas
  • Student employees
  • Employees terminating before the furlough begins
  • Temporary employees
  • Employees taking a voluntary salary reduction
  • KCCTO employees – this group is completely grant-funded
  • GPIdea employees – savings from this group remain with them and cannot help with college reductions
  • Grant-funded employees – savings cannot help with college reductions