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Human Capital Services

Administrative Furlough Information and Guidance - FY21

In planning for the fiscal year 2021 budget, deans and vice presidents were asked to submit budget reduction plans for different scenarios in May 2020, identifying what levers they would use to best meet their colleges/major unit needs while meeting budget reduction targets. Some of these plans included administrative furloughs while others relied on other varied approaches.

Human Capital Services has assembled a variety of information and resources to serve colleges and units most impacted by administrative furlough in fiscal year 2021. Please continue to check back often as information may be added/updated as needed.

K-State Administrative Furlough Plans

Helpful Information

Sponsored Projects and Furlough Considerations

Work Limit Guidance for Supervisors with Employees on Administrative Furlough 2020

Training and Resources

Human Capital Services created a training resource that may be helpful for employees, supervisors, and HCS liaisons who are impacted by the 2020 administrative furlough. This training contains helpful information that provides an administrative furlough overview, presents how administrative furlough may impact you and others, and finally, how employees are expected to navigate time and leave procedures as they relate to the use of furlough.

Navigating Administrative Furlough Training

In addition to the training, a time sheet document has been provided for those exempt faculty and staff who will be required to track their administrative furlough days used each week during a pay period. If administrative furlough is used, the timesheet document should be completed, signed by the person taking the furlough days, signed and approved by the supervisor, and finally, submitted to the college/unit's timekeeper for entry into the appropriate time entry system. A link for the instructions and timesheet can be accessed below.

Administrative Furlough Timesheet Instructions and Form (xls)


Virtual TownHallAdministrative Furlough FAQs