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Human Capital Services

New Faculty/Staff Checklist


Before Your First Day

  • Register for an eID, (electronic ID to access university computing systems, such as email and view online paychecks. After hire, when you receive a “Welcome to K-State” email message, verify your eID by following the instructions in the email.
  • Notify your department if you have ever been employed with any state of Kansas agency which may impact benefits and length of service. Notify your department if you have previously participated in the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System at another state agency, through local government or school district as this may affect your retirement plan membership and eligibility.
Provide the following forms/information to your hiring department:
Foreign Nationals-Additional Forms Needed

Your First Day

  • Wildcat Card: On the Manhattan campus, obtain your ID Card at the ID Center in the K-State Student Union.
  • Parking Permit: On the Manhattan campus, obtain from Parking Services, in the lower level of the Parking Garage, south of the K-State Student Union.
  • Talk to your Department HCS Liaison or supervisor to make sure all payroll forms have been completed; get keys, phone, computer, and other needed equipment.

Your First Week

  • Job Expectations: Discuss with your supervisor.
  • Pay: All employees are paid biweekly.
  • Benefits: The benefit programs have different eligibility criteria and deadlines for enrollment. Review your benefit options to ensure deadlines are met.
  • New Employee Benefits Orientation: Schedule to attend this monthly orientation.
  • Learn how to use HRIS/Employee Self Service to view your paycheck, see your leave balances, etc.
  • Time and Leave: Faculty/staff earn leave at the end of each pay period. Hourly staff report time worked and leave taken. Salaried faculty and staff report leave when taken. Ask your supervisor or Department HCS Liaison about the procedures to report time and leave. Leave balance information is provided in HRIS/Employee Self Service.
  • Setup your outgoing voice mail message on your work phone, if applicable.
  • Review and understand your department policies and procedures.

Your First Month

Annual Processes

  • Compensation SummaryHRIS/Employee Self Service displays total compensation of salary and benefits for prior calendar year; not intended for the W-2.
  • W-2’s are mailed to your home address or to get access to the electronic version, follow these steps.
  • New Health Insurance and Flexible Spending Account deductions take effect from Open Enrollment.
  • Advance Deductions: 9-month faculty members, who elect to enroll in health insurance and/or optional group life insurance coverage, have summer insurance premiums deducted from the last six pay periods of the spring semester, March through May. Paychecks during any of the summer pay periods then do not have health and/or life insurance premiums deducted.
  • Substantial Interest: State of Kansas statute requires this form to be completed annually between April 15 and April 30 for certain employees who will be notified directly with the requirements and procedures to follow.
  • Benefits Open Enrollment: The open enrollment period for Health Insurance and Flexible Spending Accounts is held each year during October for coverage beginning January 1 of the following year. This is normally an “action required” enrollment. Information is distributed annually to each eligible employee.
  • Annual Performance Review: Faculty and unclassified staff follow the process outlined in their department evaluation policies and procedures. University support staff members are evaluated at least annually between October 31 and December 31 as part of the university's Performance Management Process.