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Human Capital Services

HCS Liaison Training

HCS Liaison Training is designed to give you a knowledge base that will help you provide correct human resource information, process accurate paperwork, and respond in an appropriate manner to sensitive situations.

Training is offered by special arrangement through Human Capital Services. Please contact the individual presenters at 532-6277 or via e-mail to schedule the training you need. Those of you with liaison responsibilities should complete the relevant training within the first six months on the job.

TopicHCS ContactE-Mail
Position Description Writing and FLSACompensation and Organizational Effectiveness Teamhrcomp@ksu.edu
The Recruitment ProcessTalent Acquisition Teamkstatecareers@ksu.edu
Interviewing and HiringTalent Acquisition Teamkstatecareers@ksu.edu
Appointments, Changes, and Separations: University Support StaffMary-Beth Rhoadsmb1984@ksu.edu
Appointments, Changes, and Separations: UnclassifiedMary-Beth Rhoadsmb1984@ksu.edu
Appointments, Changes, and Separations: StudentsPatricia Schwandtschwan@ksu.edu
Benefits AdministrationBenefit Teambenefits@ksu.edu
Leaves of AbsenceBenefit Teambenefits@ksu.edu