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Human Capital Services

K-State New Employee Welcome

Human Capital Services (HCS) has developed a new program to acclimate new employees to K-State resources, culture and traditions. Directly tied to Theme V of the K-State 2025 strategic plan, this new holistic onboarding program will help to support and address the needs of all employees.

In collaboration with K-State stakeholders, HCS has identified four pillars to guide the design of this program including belonging, learning, timely information and transition to the department/college/unit. The enhanced program will bring all new employees together, providing each person with an experience that will ensure that they have a sense of belonging from the start. All new employees will attend the program on the second Wednesday of the month after their hire date.

Content for the program will be provided and facilitated by several campus partners, as well as HCS staff. Units involved include the Office of the President, the Office of the Vice President for Administration and Finance, the K-State Alumni Association and faculty from the College of Human Ecology and the K-State Polytechnic campus.

Program Design

The K-State New Employee Welcome program will occur once a month for half a day. The schedule will include topics such as benefits, resources, K-State history and traditions and campus resources. The program will be held in the K-State Alumni Association, Tadtman Boardroom.

Program Format
  • 8-8:30 a.m. - Registration, Welcome, Housekeeping

  • 8:30-9 a.m. - Discover K-State: History and Traditions
    This session will introduce new employees to the rich history of K-State including our most cherished traditions.

  • 9-9:30 a.m. - Discover K-State: Future Focused
    The President's Office will provide information on many of K-State's key initiatives and projects currently underway to help achieve our mission and goals

  • 9:45-10:15 a.m.- People, Culture, Principles of Community
    This session will introduce new employees to the people, culture and principles that guide K-State.

  • 10:15-11 a.m. - Benefits Overview and Employee Perks
    This session will provide need-to-know information containing basic and voluntary employee benefits as well as employee perks.

  • 11:10-12 p.m.- Key Recourses
    This session will share how employees navigate K-State and the resources that will allow them to be successful, including but not limited to, IT services, systems, the university structure, the PPM and the University Handbook.

  • 12-12:30 p.m. - K-State Anti-Discrimination Policy (PPM 3010)
    The Office of Institutional Equity will present information on PPM 3010, the university non-discrimination policy. Participants will learn what conduct is prohibited and how to recognize it, the Policy's jurisdiction, how to make a report under the Policy, and how reports are reviewed and resolved. 

  • 12:30-1:30 p.m. - Lunch Break (on own)

  • 1:30-2:30 p.m. - K-State Campus Tour
    The Office of Student Life, New Student Services will guide program participants through the K-State Campus. 


Key Stakeholder Group

While working on program structure and design, several members of the K-State community volunteered their time and expertise to help us design and create this new enhanced program to welcome our new employees to the K-State family. 

  • Jaci Begnoche, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Marlene Kunze Dolan, Housing and Dining Services
  • Kristi Fronce, Human Capital Services
  • Geneva Jahnke, College of Agriculture
  • Gary Leitnaker, Human Capital Services, Co-Chair
  • Amanda McDiffett, Human Capital Services, Co-Chair
  • Diana McElwain, Human Capital Services, Co-Chair
  • Sonya Paph, Office of Student Life
  • Connie Pfaff-Eickhoff, Human Capital Services
  • Ann Treinen, Administrative Support Center
  • Denise Werth, K-State Polytechnic 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program mandatory?

All new employees are strongly encouraged to attend this program as it establishes a strong foundation for their new employment at Kansas State University.


What is the time commitment for the K-State New Employee Welcome program?

The program includes four hours of instruction, learning and discussion with an additional hour allocated for a K-State campus tour. 


What is the maximum number of participants per session?

Although there is no limit on registration, it is expected that each session would have 30-50 new employees in attendance. During peak times (August and January) additional sessions will be added as necessary. 


Who should plan to attend this program?

All new benefits-eligible employees (faculty, unclassified and university support staff) should attend.


What if I am unable to attend the first session after I am hired?

Please sign up for the next available session however, attendance in the first session after your hire date is most desirable. 

2019 Program Dates

April 10

May 8

June 12

July 10

August 7

August 21

September 11

October 9

November 13

December 11

Registration for each session will open soon