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Telecommuting Application

Fill out the Telecommuting Application (pdf)

This form may be submitted to an employee's supervisor as an initial step. 

Telecommuting is a prerogative of the University, not an entitlement of employees. It is approved on a case-by-case basis consistent with the mission of the University and the respective department or unit. An agreement will be implemented only when it is in the University's best interests. Not all employees or positions are suitable for telecommuting and is limited to benefit eligible non-faculty positions if the nature of the job does not require the employee's physical presence, or regular face-to-face interaction with students, faculty, staff, visitor or the general public in accordance with the University Handbook, Appendix S, Section A.1.(b) Conflict of Time Commitment

Related KSU Policy and Procedures Manual Chapter:  4045, Telecommuting