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Position Description Form

Total Rewards information was released to university support staff and unclassified professional staff in April 2017. The reclassification process has been redeveloped as of September 2017. Details related to the process, including steps for requesting a reclassification, are now available.

Fill out the

  • PER-1 for University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff (doc)

  • PER-1 for University Support Staff and Unclassified Professional Staff (docx)

Instructions for Completing PER-1 Position Description

  •  Position number (required before sending to HCS) (New position numbers are obtained through the Budget Office)
  •  Office contact person(s) – list who should receive the completed form. And who could answer questions about this. (may be more than one name and phone number)
  • Check the physical location of this position
  • Please send completed and signed form to hrcomp@ksu.edu
Part I – Reason for Action
  • Is this a new proposed USS position or an existing one?
  • Is this a new proposed Unclassified position or an existing one?

Place an 'X' by all that apply - Why is this PD being submitted

Part II – Position Information
  • Fill in what is currently in HRIS
  • Current Job Title/Code
  • Proposed Job Title/Code
  • Type of Appointment - Full Time/Part Time
  • Term (ending date)
  • If USS Limited Term, fill in ending date
  • 9 month or 12 month
  • Supervisory position (check if yes)
  • Current FLSA – Exempt or Non-Exempt
  • Scheduled work hours and days of week
Part III – Job Responsibilities
  • Identify tasks to be done
  • Group tasks into job clusters
  • Assign percentages to clusters
  • Determine if tasks are essential or marginal
  • Identify essential job functions:
    • Deemed to be essential by the ADA if:
      • The reason the position exists is to perform that function
      • The number of employees available to perform that function is limited
      • Because the function is highly specialized so that the employee hired into the position is hired for his/her expertise in that particular function.
  • Language:
    • Use clear, concise and focused statements to describe the tasks.
    • Avoid flowery, unnecessary and confusing words that detract from the purpose of the task.
    • Don't assume the reader understands the job, the "office jargon" and/or the abbreviations commonly used by your department/college.
    • Describe the task using action verbs to tell the reader what is done, how it is done and with what tools, and for what purpose.
  • Sample Task Statement:
    • Poor: Processes Food
    • Better: Processes food in order to fill a salad bar by cutting, grating or slicing vegetables.
    • Best: Cuts, grates and slices vegetables in order to fill a salad bar by using various kitchen knives, food processing equipment and hand-held graters and slicers.
Part IV – Organizational Information – Please include an org chart!

Write a simple statement of why this position exists. If requesting to reclassify, describe why new duties or reassignment of work is occurring.

  • What will comprise the major percentage of the duties
  • Does not include miscellaneous duties
List the supervisor of this position (name and position number)
Is this position a:
  • Lead Worker performs essentially the same work as other employees but responsibility may also include training and reviewing work - does not evaluate.
  • Supervisor involves training, scheduling, and reviewing work of employees -makes recommendations for hiring and disciplinary actions – conducts evaluations. (KSU Supervisory training required.)
Independence and Decision Making
  • How much latitude is employee allowed in completing work?
  • What kinds of instructions, methods and guidelines are given to employee?
  • What decisions are employee authorized to make?
  • How much supervisory oversight does the employee routinely have?
Part V – General Information
  • Include any information not already covered i.e. on-call, standby, inclement weather, essential position, special schedule, etc.
Part VI – Qualifications
  • Required Education
  • Required Experience 
  • List any licenses, registrations or certifications that are required to perform the essential functions of the job.
    • LPN License, Veterinary Technician Certification, Intro to Supervision Training
      • Upon hire
      • Within X months of hire
  • Describe the physical requirements of the job as they relate to essential functions.
  • List equipment used
  • List preferred special knowledge, skills and abilities.
  • List preferred education or experience that may be used to screen applicants.

This rule allows for hiring individuals based on race, sex, age and national origin – an exception to Title VII. Rarely Used! Example: Male models to show designer men's suits.

List Salary, Range or Grade

Part VII - Signatures – Employee (if filled)

Supervisor, Administrator/Dean, and optionally Department Head (and dates)

Part VIII – Reserved for Human Capital Services

Form may be signed, scanned and emailed to HRComp@ksu.edu.